Jim Guttmann's Bessarabian Breakdown

Release Date: 
Apr 4, 2010

Listen to tracks and see reviews here. Buy the CD online at <http://www.indierhythm.com/product.php?cdId=6894> or <

Branch From The Tree

Release Date: 
Nov 11, 2006

The Mirror

Release Date: 
Jun 6, 2004

Grammy award winning CD of music by Yehudi Wyner. Clarinetist Richard Stolzman, violinist Dan Stepner, percussionist   Robert Schulz , and bassist Jim Guttmann.

A Taste of Paradise

Release Date: 
Oct 10, 2003

The Art of Klezmer Clarinet

Release Date: 
Jun 6, 2000

Dancing In The Aisles

Release Date: 
Jun 6, 1997

Live in the Fiddler's house

Release Date: 
Nov 11, 1996

The second of two klezmer music recordings by Itzhak Perlman featuring the Klezmer Conservatory Band, the Klezmatics, Brave Old World and Andy Statman, recorded live in New York City at Radio City Music Hall.